As a travel addict, especially addicted to Mediterranean and Spanish-speaking countries, including summers spent in Spain as a child listening to Alejandro Sanz and tasting tapas, I always loved getting immersed in other cultures!.. While others had hobbies like dancing or football, my hobby was studying languages and meeting people from all over the world!

And a gap year in Mexico at age 17 showed me that traveling wasn´t just something to do on holiday but a way to explore the world and that learning languages was a great tool.

angela070616_184I returned to Mexico and went backpacking a few months during university, which was an enlightening journey,
filled with learning and my fascination with Hispanic cultures was set!

Reading “Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel or exploring the pyramids in Chiapas gave glimpses of captivating new worlds, very far from a small rainy town in Scotland where I grew up and which seemed dull when there was so much to discover.
I followed my passion of learning other languages and traveling by studying in France and Spain during my degree. (I studied international business with languages, taking advantage of exchanges and grants through the European Union.) I continued to discover how learning other languages is incredibly illuminating, and how there are curious and formative cultural differences…everywhere.

And 13 years after the first trip to Latin America, I got married to a Mexican and now live in Mexico. Far from a grey and rainy town in the UK, Mexico became my adopted country.

Traveling is not about an exhausting tour of capital cities. I think it´s about getting to know and enjoying new places and real, vibrant societies with other customs and ideas.

And I hope that people in other countries get to know Mexican people.  I want Mexicans to spread their good energy, their ideas and values, campechearmed with language skills, so they can travel, make multicultural friends and have international businesses! I love to see the opportunities that languages and cultural knowledge open up.

So I believe in taking the time to learn languages, travel and understand people from different cultures. I feel passionate about helping people and their families to achieve their goals of travel and learning languages.

And with new technologies and the Internet, today there are opportunities to learn relaxed at home, with a lovely cup of coffee!

This is the thinking behind this blog and the classes, so… welcome to Language Café!

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