English is one of your paths to a personal or professional project and you want a personalized class.

You see CLEAR OPPORTUNITIES where you need to know better English. You want to open the door to those opportunities!


What has been missing is specialized and personalized learning to resolve your questions and areas to work on, specific to you and your project. Do you want to work with a native-speaker teacher, step by step, who is sensitive to your learning style?

Do you want to feel SURE AND CONFIDENT 100% about your English with your questions resolved?

It looks like you´re ready to take classes with Language Cafe!



Current packages

  • Intensive preparation for study abroad

This is a course to prepare you for immersion when you are off to study in an English-speaking country.

A mini-immersion from your own house, before the real immersion!

It´s ideal for students who are in high school or university. We work on many skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing in the language, focussing more on the area you most want to work on.  Preparation is also offered in pronunciation, oral expression and spelling relevant to the country where you will study. The special area here is British English but at the same time, we compare it with other varieties of English and talk about some details. For example we could see how this varies from American English for example. It´s an intensive preparation to take off not only on the plane but also get a flying start with your English on arrival in the country you´ll be staying in and where you´ll have many new experiences!

  • English Conversation

And we could add here oral expression because pronunciation and level of fluency are also what we work on here. It´s an ideal course to have self-assurance and confidence when it comes to speaking the language! 

It´s directed at teenagers and adults, with many interesting topics, where you have options on the chosen topics. Se dirige a adolescentes y adultos, con muchos temas interesantes, donde tú tienes opciones sobre el tema a elegir. It´s also very relevant for business people who want to bring work topics to the class. We talk, debate and present information and ideas so that, in a safe environment, with a patient teacher, you are in a perfect space to try out new expressions and ways of constructing sentences, make mistakes without fear, link ideas and come out of the class speaking increasingly more English and better quality English. And if in addition to practicing the language, you also need to work on particular sounds that seem difficult, we work on that too!

  • SAT Preparation  

Are you presenting the exam to gain a university place in the United States?

If that is your current goal with your language study, here you have a personalized preparation. Different sections of the exam are worked on, one by one: Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Essay, and these are divided into subsections. This course is very structured and at the same time, personalized, and so your specific strong and weak points are taken into account. It´s idea for pupils who aspire to university places in the United States, for those who wish to increase their score and for pupils who are preparing to request scholarships or financial support.

man working against green background with coffee

One of the most interesting parts of the work on Language Cafe is that through the classes, I get to know what you are looking for and how can you achieve your goals. It´s a delight to see students learn, grow and achieve their goals through personalized classes.  I enjoy really getting to know the people I work with so I can truly help them with their learning.

So I take into consideration carefully your goals, and your preferences in learning style and topics to study. If you saw, among the packages, one good for your situation and your goals, ask for your introductory class (no cost and no obligation) by Skype.

My name is Angela and I have a Bachelor´s degree in international business with languages and I´m also trained as a teacher in languages with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Both are from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. So you have the best of both worlds with your teacher! With a specialized training in language teaching and the experience of having given language classes in Scotland, England and Mexico (in person and by skype), you will be learning with someone well qualified.

I believe deeply that learning another language can enlighten your personal path and open up to you more possibilities in the world. I have seen it happen many times, not only with pupils but also with my family and friends And of course you can enjoy the process! Studying a language is more than studying grammar, words and curiously arranged sentences, it´s a great learning curve where you get to know other people, other cultures and the world in which we all live.

Language Cafe 

Learn. Englighten your path. Discover the world. 

Each course begins with a first free introductory class where you see how you feel, if we have a good fit as teacher and student and we see what you are looking for and start a diagnostic class in terms of your current language level. It´s NOT YET a formal class and you don´t need to buy your package there. It´s more about a conversation to get to know each other and talk about your classes and will last around 20 minutes. We will in a questionnaire on your interests, motivations and areas to work on. Then, if you still like the idea of learning with Language Cafe and with Angela as your teacher, you choose and pay for your package where you comit to two months of classes.  Pyaments are made by paypal (the most secure payment method on the Internet) or by credit or debit card. The cost is 400 pesos (MXN) for 1 hour 30 minutes of class and 500 pesos (MXN) for 2 hours of class (for the SAT package). The classes are for two months initially, and they can be extended month by month following that, with a monthly payment in advance.


Classes are normally offered by Skype. So you can enjoy them live from your house! Or if you live in Torreón, México, we can arrange them in person.

You need a good Internet connection, a skype account, an email address and a quiet space to work at home (you might need headphones!) Before the scheduled time, prepare your tea or coffee, so you can be relaxed and ready for the class!

Materials are included in the cost and many students additionally bring material to work on in the class, especially for the conversation classes. That is a recommendation to personalize your course still further. Again, the current packages, with their costs, are:


Intensive preparation

You comit to 2 or 3 classes per week during 2 months. Each class lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

They cost 400 pesos per class.

16 classes / 2 times a week = 6,400 MXN

24 classes/ 3 times a week= 9,600 MXN

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Intensive Preparation 2 months

Conversación en inglésuj

You comit to 1 or 2 classes per week during 2 months. Each class lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

They cost 400 pesos per class. 

8 classes/ once a week= 3,200 MXN

16 classes/ 2 times a week = 6,400 MXN

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English Conversation 2 months

SAT preparation

You comit to 1 or 2 classes per week during 2 months. Each class lasts 2 hours. 

They cost 500 MXN per class.

8 classes = 4,000 MXN        

16 classes = 8,000 MXN

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SAT preparation 2 months

life is a journey

No commute, no traffic… Grab your tea or coffee and sit down! Enjoy learning languages in the comfort of your own home with a British teacher by skype at the Language Cafe.

Before purchasing your package, ask for your first class with Angela by skype. That way you can get more informed on how the classes will be. This introductory class has no cost or obligation. And don´t forget to add me on skype.

Schedule your introductory class here:

As an alternative, send me a message on the contact page with:

  • the times you are available for the class: I am in time zone GMT +6 (Mexico City time) and let me know which time zone or part of the world you are in…
  • your complete name
  • your skype account username

And I will answer with a time we can skype.

Don´t forget to add me on skype: angelalanguagecafe