What do students who have already taken classes say?

Angela helped me prepare for important work presentations with business people from abroad, giving me communication tools at a high level and of high impact. With her help I managed to strengthen personal and business relationships by speaking better English.

Eduardo, Torreón, México

At first I was doubtful about doing classes by video (skype) and I didn´t think they would be effective because I thought that we would constantly lose the connection. 

I saw a lot of advantages in taking classes on skype, for example where I live there aren´t good English teachers and in addition Angela makes the classes very personalized. 

Angela helped me a lot with reading comprehension, pronunciation and grammar amongst other things. 

She was a great help and as the classes were very effective, I learned a lot and I think I improved a lot in a short time from the start. 

I have been taking classes for over a year now and I definitely recommend doing the classes on skype. 

Ana Paola, Guadalajara, Mexico

For me, the tutorials with Angela were of great help.  Before taking the tutorials, I felt very confused about several topics that are very important to have a good level of English and as soon as I took the first tutorials I was really happy because I finally understood.

I would recommend the tutorials to other people. Firstly because it´s only you with the teacher and I really liked that a lot because all the attention is for you and that way you learn much more quickly. Secondly, the classes are not boring because every exercise is different for example you do audios, written and reading exercises, etc.
I am very happy because thanks to Angela, I feel prepared to go to study in England.

Carol, Torreón, México

Angela Synnot as a person exemplifies warmth and a human touch while giving academic guidance to obtain successful results and the achievement of outstanding scores on tests like the SAT.

The tutorials given by Angela are planned with an academic rigour that respects the pacing and timing needed to be able to apply to universities in the United States.

If I needed to request her classes again, I would not hesitate in seeking her out; to support students in exams like the SAT, the teacher, besides being qualified in the teaching of English, must have methods to increase verbal abilities in the language… A great challenge and one that Angela completely accepts.

Presently Antonio is candidate for a scholarship to universities in the United States due to his exam score on the SAT.

Madre de Antonio, Torreón, México

Taking private classes with Miss Angela was the best decision I have made for the purpose of improving my pronunciation and fluency in English . At the start, I was not really used to classes just teacher-student but with time trust grew. Miss Angela is very patient and she lets you express yourself without any rush.

My main goal as I mentioned was to improve my pronunciation, and until now it has been going incredibly well. In the beginning I couldn´t pronounce some words in the way you should and now this pronunciation has improved a lot; I now pronounce the majority of these words correctly and therefore with fluency when I read aloud.

With practice and patience, everything can be achieved. Having Miss Angela as a teacher has been a great example to follow. She always considers your language level and she motivates you to do even better. I have now planned some great goals thanks to these classes. I imagine myself in the future speaking the language in a natural way without fear of speaking in public. And that´s why I highly recommend Miss Angela´s classes. I bet you too will achieve your goals just like I am achieving them. The truth is you will not regret it!


Gaby, Torreón, México